TCG offers large scale of various services for business customers:
  • Virtual call center - product dedicated to enterprises handle incoming calls in very convenient and flexible way. Customer will be supported by various types of statistical information about incoming calls, duration, working hours of consultants, etc. This is an ideal product for the companies which would like to change investments into operational expenses, have flexible and modern solution in place.     
  • Predictive calling system - product dedicated for outbound calling from call center working places. The main advantage of the product is savings on consultants working time because it will be no need spend extra time for dialling a number, waiting response time, etc.
  • Bulk voice caller - product automatically generates calls to dedicated database and on answer deliver recorded voice message to person called. Product can be used to inform customers about payments, marketing campaigns, etc.
  • Bulk SMS - product works in the same manner as bulk voice product only with SMS.
  • Interactive menu - product allows customer set up menu (choice) on incoming calls according digits entered in the phone during calling.  
  • Statistics - product allows to receive detailed information about incoming and outgoing calls made, not answered or busy.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) - pre-recorded information could be delivered to caller in convenient way using menu. An ideal solution for help line or support line realisation. 
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